I am an idiot.  I somehow thought 4th and 5th was weds & thurs so missed day 1 (which I'd even paid for in advance!) Gutted, but still got lots of info:
1. Rigs - A shoulder rig is not the only way to go.  The gunstock by Zacuto & the Hoodman wristshot support might work better for run n gun.  Also consider the Glidecam 2000.  Maybe stick to a lighter, simpler set-up when not on legs. 
2. Keep expecting to see Adobe demonstrating their H.264 support but still haven't seen it working.
3. Zacuto zfinder pro3 is def the way to go: no misting, new baseplate, but still works with old stick-on plastic clips. Can't wait till mine arrives next week from Creative Video, hopefully.
4. Different people are using different settings for contrast, saturation etc. but Philip Bloom's were: all the way down for detail and contrast and saturation -2.  I think that's right, so long as you're going to do some color correction to bring it all back in post.
5. Clapper boards are a good idea for drama, even with Pluraleyes to auto-sync sound.  The iPhone app can work but only on close shots.
6. 2 camera shooting.  Roger Charters did it a lot on 24 to save time and to enable editors to cut anywhere.  I think it can work for comedy too.  Obviously lighting is compromised so needs to suit the occasion.  If mixing 5DmkII & 7D remember 5.6 on former has about the same look as 2.8 on latter.
7. Aliasing is something that needs to be watched out for - repetitive patterns and thin lines need to be completely out of focus or big enough or avoided.
8. Bloom confirmed his opinion that 160/320/640ISO were what we should shoot at for minimum noise.
9. Talking of noise, the Nikon D3S is amazing in low light with it's noise reduction on it was still getting usable pictures at over 25,000ISO.
10. Also about noise, when the chip gets hot it can get noisier so if you're planning to shoot continuously consider using 2 bodies.
11. Get Shotputpro to archive cards to 3 locations - look out for "gorilla - something?" to replace that & the E1 ingest.
12. Get a FireWire 800 stackable cf cardreader by Lexar.  They're faster and you can daisy chain them or drives.
13. Budget in a hardrive as part of your quote for clients so they have an archive of what you've done and the footage so you only have to keep it for a set amount of time.
14. hurl blog is a good source for HDSLR info.
15. Mark Moreve has already shot "love loss" a full length feature on a 5dmk2.  It looked good.